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{ Bachelor/Bachelorette }

You popped the question and you put a ring on it, it’s the day before you get married, and you realize this is it…. The end of single life has come. So, what better way to send off the old single you than to have a party? Oh, you need a place to have that party BlueMoon has you covered. All our pre wedding packages come with a gorgeously decorated venue and 3 hours of parcel rental time.


“ Happily ever after How could I ask for more? A lifetime of laughter. At the expense of the death of a bachelor “

Hey sometimes some things must go so amazing things can blood. So, say goodbye to your Bachelor/Bachelorette status and say hello to happily ever after with one of our Bach parties. These parties come with a venue decorated to your colors scheme, a custom floor texture, an open bar for you and your friends, Invitations, champagne toast animations, a DJ to play your tunes for 1.5 hours, 2 edited photos so you cannot say it didn’t happen (wait does this cancel out what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?), Exotic dances, and a coordinator to make sure it all goes to plan and there are no incriminating photos.


“ It's a match made up in heaven, like good ol' boys and beer And me, as long as you're right here “

This package is for those who don’t want to celebrate their last days single separately. Sometimes they call these Jack & Jills or Stag Dues, but I just call it a good time. Sometimes it really just better together so why not have one party. This party can also be a bridal shower for the bride to be and all her girlfriends. Included in this party package comes with a 3 hour venue rental with party decorations to match your color scheme, Invitations, A custom floor texture, unlimited food and beverages for you and your party guests, a champagne toast, 2 edited Photos to remember the moments, a DJ to play your tunes for 1.5 hours. Also included in this package comes your very own coordinator who will lead you in some premarital party games.

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